Our Process

Design is a very personal thing. Our process starts with you, your family and your home. You need to be happy with the process as well as the end result. Meetings are regularly held in your home to help visualize the end product. Julia and Isabella will work directly with you to explore what you like, what you don't like; what suits and supports your lifestyle, what your home needs and what it doesn't need. Are you wanting a green solution or are you interested in sustainable living solutions? Detailed documents and samples are provided to you so that you know exactly what is involved in the concept.

Julia West Home also provides Design/Build services which means that all construction elements are coordinated and all other trades are hired and managed by our team.

Then our production team takes over and with great attention to detail they coordinate the manufacture of the the custom made

elements in your design whether this is custom designed and built furniture or soft furnishings. Julia West is equally known for fine furniture design and construction - typically furniture that 'earns its keep', as well as beautiful bed linens and window coverings. More recently, upholstered furniture is a common place offering and Julia only works with the best upholsterers in the city.

...and finally, a few finishing touches. For the ready-made elements, you may wish to go with your design team to select just the right elements for your home; or you may prefer for the design team to bring in items for you to look at.

On time...on budget...you will be delighted with the look and functionality created just for you! And if there is anything that isn't just so, you know that we will stand by our work and will make it right.