About Julia West Home

What are we about?

Well, for starters, we seek to create products that give you comfort, delighting your eye and heart, resonate with you and deliver that elusive combination of imagination, memory and problem-solving that is referred to as ‘style’. Dreaming and problem solving are central to what we do to achieve those goals in products for every room in your home and garden or at your workspace.
Curiousity about how things work and especially about the properties of materials is important to our designs and their execution. We scour and snoop, in textile and furniture museums, hardware, building, plumbing and electrical merchants and stationers. Then the fun begins when we start to manipulate our findings, ~ wood, textiles, metals, paper, paint, ~ whatever comes to hand or fevered brain in moments of creative passion.

Who are we?

We are a group of varied talents; working together because we can and because we love to work together on the things that, individually and collectively, we imagine, build and tweak. We bring to our work our collective understanding of architecture, building construction, carpentry, customer service, farming, fine arts, graphic design, law, materials art and design, mechanical drafting, motor mechanics ("anything with wheels on it"), office cleaning, office administration & management, needle trades (drapery, embroidery, fur), painting & decorating, real estate development, retail sales, set creation, television & theatre, styling, and theatrical costuming.

What can we do for you, our Customer?

Our objective is to create products for the home; furniture, drapes, linens, accessories that will represent comfort, delight, resonance and style; and always, however and in the order in which our customer defines those goals. What is your objective?